TRG-S news!

What is the problem with the factory stock? I remember reading about it but can´t find a thing now.Durability somehow?

Or are you building a complete custom sniper rifle with a new barrel etc?
The problem was if someone wanted to restock their TRG-S, there was no bottom metal available because the original stock has everthing molded into it. Yes, I had Pac-Nor put a #7 contour barrel on mine, oversized bolt knob, Nightforce 5.5-22 in waiting, and plan to have it fit to a tactical stock, hopefully a McMillan A-5.
Okay,now I see,thanks.

Yeah,the factory stock is definitely basic and ugly. Suits me fine,I am really basic and ugly as well.

I find it easy to shoot though,they also put this brake at Sako on my TRG-S. Otherwise out-of-the-box,definitely 1/2 MOA with factory 250 Scenar. Have not tried a moose bullet yet, waiting for dies and bullets.

Low recoil, a subjective thing of course.


I am very tall and the stock works fine at any shooting position. Just a basic Harris bipod,Sako Optilock mounts and an old Tasco that I´m trying to break.
Only had this baby for a couple of weeks,don´t have a proper scope yet. Funny,these things have broken Leupolds and the old Tasco 5-20 x 50 jap cheapo is still hanging on. Not for long,I guess.

This rifle will do just fine as it is for moose at 300-500 yds,that´s all I´m after. Well,a proper hunting scope with 4-12 or something,good adjustments and a clear bright view will be needed. Trying to find a good used one. Got some other cheapos to sacrifice first,a Simmons Whitetail Classic etc, just looking for a load now while having fun piercing paper.

Do you have pics or more info about that metal piece? Just in case...

Dang,how come my posts always get so long?
Thanks again ktg!

That cleared it all.So many forums,I´ve been there but never registered neither searched for TRG-S anything.

Really good link,looks like my ugly brake (lotsa noise!) may prevent future problems.

Gotta call Sako folks again just to ask about changes,mine was made last December and this is the first gun for a LOOONG time I didn´t take apart right away before shooting it at all. May be a Locktite time soon,it never harms.

I wanted to see how it shoots just the way it is,the usual break-in only. No loose things yet.

Apparently the co-operation with the Italians didn´t start too good. Sorry to hear that some people have had problems.

This thing costs about $ 1200 here in Finland, go figure. I only have two hours drive to the Sako factory and I will not do any changes to this one to strengthen things up. No mercy.

Keep on shooting!
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