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Sep 4, 2009
Malta NY
I have enjoyed shooting since I was young.

I grew up in Virginia, moved around a bit, was in Vermont for several years before being transfered to Utah a couple of years ago.

I have fond memories of my father returning from his hunting trips from when I was knee high and could not wait to get out there myself. I grew up in Virginia and hunting and shooting were rites of passage like a lot of places.

My father died of Cancer when I was 16 which rocked my world and these passions were put to the side for a few decades, with periods of activity intertwined.

I finally started getting really back into guns and am getting ready to go out east and hunt Whitetails with my brother. I have not visited with him for about 5 years so that will be awesome and add the hunting on top of it, it will be hard to beat.

I have always enjoyed shooting for accuracy best. I like Pistols as well, but I have always liked long range shooting for accuracy but never had a rifle that could shoot exceptional nor the liquidity to aquire one.

I have collecetd a couple of rifles that I had wanted for a long time. I have a Marlin MR-7 30-06 that is really a great gun and a bargain that shoots about .75 moa. I had wanted one since they came out so it only took me 12 years to do so:) But it was in unshot like new condition so I am pleased and it will be the one I drag out east to whack a whitetail.

I have a Ruger 22-250 Target/Varmint and in the past couple of months aquired a Sendero 25-06.

The 25-06 Sendero is a gun that I had pined for since they came out as well. I had owned a couple of 25-06 rifles in the past and had extremely high hopes for it.

But it is not as accurate as I would like and quite frankly did not compare to the 30-06 hunting rifle. And that one is almost half the weight and a standard barrel versus the sendero heavey barrel. As the barel heats up, it really starts to walk across the target. It has me pretty bummed out.

But I started searching the net for possible answers and paths and stumbled across this site so I have spent a lot of time reading through threads and figured it was time to sign on and start posting.

I did a little reloading early in my life but am in the process of getting all the right stuff to load for accuracy.

I have to say if I had the money, I would send off the 25-06 to Kirby and get one of his Alle Mag set ups.

I do not like excessive recoil but would like to take deer and an elk at some point to as much as 500 yards. Some day 1000 yard target shooting but that will require more time and practice.

I am currently thinking about something based on the .284 with a muzzle break would fit the bill nicely.

As it is, I do not have the cash to do that but will do so at some point.

I broke the rifle down and found nothing that would contribute to the innaccuracy that I get.....Consistant with several others shooting it as well so I am not the common factor and using several different Factory loads.

I really think I just got unlucky and have a crappy barrel.

So it will sit in the safe until I have the funds to do something with it.

Anyway, I have learned much from this site already and look forward to participating and learning more.

Thanks for all the great information!
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