Trade West texas Deer and or Black buck hunt for anything


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Sep 16, 2009
I have a lease in West Texas that has some nice west Texas Whitetail and some very nice black buck antelope, not to mention the ungodly amount of turkeys. I would be willing to trade a trip to my place for a hunt anywhere else. We could trade one animal or you could possibly hunt all three animals i have. Let me know if anyone is of interest.

My lease is in Sonora we do not have Axis there, although at my family ranch in Water Valley we have axis. In fact we have three axis that i believe would make top ten in the world. We have a herd of about 80 Axis? What are you thinking?
If they are free range and NOT high fence animals pm or call me we may be able to put a deal together
Sorry bud they are all in our high fence. Although i will post pics of these guys shortly and it may make you change your mind about hunting in a high fence (for exotics anyway).
kyle, I already have a 37 inch free range axis. not interested in a penned animal. how about your blackbuck?
black buck are free range, if you call it that. Black buck will not jump a fence no matter the height so unless they find a whole they pretty much stick in the pastures they are in. This by no means makes it a easy hunt.

Two of us are looking for a blackbuck hunt in Texas. We do not have anything to trade, except cash or maybe an elk hunt in Colorado, third season. Email me [email protected] if you are interested.

Thank you, and good luck
I am interested in your hunt, I don't know about high fence, I would have to think about that. I want a big whitetail and well any other animal I can shoot.
Me and my dad have a ranch outside of colorado springs coorado. We have fantastic archery and muzzle loader Elk hunting. We also have good deer and bear but, varys year too year. In one weekend I called in 13 bulls and a good number were vary nice six points.
Let me know if you are interested and let me know more about your hunt and maybe we can work somthing out. I would like to take my dad and if you are interested in our hunt you could bring somebody also.
Kyle, are you interested in Id. mule deer? I think I could put you on a decent buck if you can pull at a tag. I have always wanted a Blackbuck and you can't hunt them where they came from anymore!
I have an interest in a predator hunt for two in west Texas in exchange for a whitetail hunt in southeast Iowa. We do have some of the best whitetail hunting here in Van Buren County, 140 to 160 are fairly common and there are those real monsters out there if you can figure out when and where to find them! Let me know if this interests you. Thanks, CH
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