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    Jun 24, 2013
    Howdy Folks! My name is Chris Solomon and I live in Middle Tennessee and have come to the place in my life that it is time to do some of the things I have put off for way too many years. I am currently gaining all of the knowledge I can about Elk and Mule Deer Hunting as well as Moose and Caribou. I have wanted to hunt big game since I was a young boy growing up in a house that had about every caliber gun my dad could afford. I have hunted the White Tail many years but now I find myself looking to move up to the ranks of the big boys. I have several rifles but am always looking for more as I feel you can never have too many. I have the 30/30, 30-06, .308 and 7mm RUM. I am looking to make my first trip out West to hunt the Idaho back country with a good outfitter to learn first hand some of the ropes and then try a self guided hunt in Idaho, Montana, Colorado to name a few of the states I want to visit. I read everything I can find and I will gladly absorb any and all advice you guys can give me. Oh and like the screen name says I am a minister too.