"Newbie" backcountry hunting here on the Los Padres National Forest

Salty Hoffman

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Sep 2, 2014
Hello and thanks for having me here on Long Range Hunter.
I have been reading some of the articles posted here for years. Thought it was time to join up! I have attached a photo of my rig. You will see that I am a south paw, shooting a custom Browning A Bolt.
I reside here on the Central coast in California. With the Los Padres National Forest in my back yard, I hunt within the lead free zone thanks to our Condor.
Shooting both the 7mm mag and 300 wsm, I would be interested in any load data with either hornadys gmx bullet or barnes. I am currently shooting the .30cal gmx.. Like anything, there's always room for improvement. Any load suggestions are welcome.
My current load with the 300wsm and 150grn barnes GMX with IMR 4064. Bullets seated .300 off the lands shoot sub moa in my 1:12 twist barrel.
I chose 150grn due to the length of our solid bullets.
Any information in regards to solid bullets sure would be appreciated.
Thanks again.


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Jul 10, 2012
North Central Valley California
Welcome aboard LRH. Thought I'd offer a helping hand to save neck strain on fellow members. :D
Although lead free bullets do perform quite well, I find it difficult to match them up with my various rifles.
Probably because in order to get a 160 lead free bullet to stabilize like a 160 grain lead core bullet means they'd both have to be essentially the same profile. Can't see how that would be possible. So I forget everything I know about loading with lead core bullets when I'm working with lead free. Like starting from scratch. Eventually I find one that works and I tie myself to that for hunting lead free zones.


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