The actual costs of a budget gun

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    Mar 20, 2011
    I have been an avid reader and occasional poster of this thread for a few years. In this time I have both asked for advice, and have given advice. I have read many posts on "is there such a thing as a rifle for less than $1000.00 with optics". We all (including myself) rush out with our personal formulas of success. While some people allude to reloading, I have never heard anyone say "Can you afford to shoot a 300 win 100 rounds in the off season to make sure that you can confidently take the shot when it matters? For all newbies here are my thoughts:
    If you are already on a budget during a build can you afford $50.00 a box for premium ammo?? Instead you should include the cost of the reloading equipment as part of the build. Instead of the Vortex Viper how about the diamondback, and a rock chucker reloading kit. I hunt in Colorado and have used Burris Full Field 2 with BDC out to 700 yards for the last 5 years with great results. A $500 dollar scope does have its advantages however there is no substitute for trigger time. For many applications when getting started, BDC is just as good as "turrets"
    Long Range hunting is a great sport, however to do it ethically it requires a skill set that can only be accomplished with hours on the range. Sorry, just my $.02