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    Dec 10, 2012
    New member living in Houston, TX. Originally from southern Georgia.

    I've been lurking quite awhile reading threads. Decided to finally get a username after I finally plopped down the money on a "true" long range rifle.

    Guns I currently own:
    Remington Varmit Special (I think) in 308 - Leupold VXII 3x9 - Had this gun for about 10 years. Had it long enought that I can't remember the exact model but its the 700 with heavy barrel and synthetic stock straight out of the catalog. Use it mainly for white tail hunting. Most of my shots aren't over 100 yards haha but at least I know their accurate.

    Bushmaster Varmit Special (223) - Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50 w/ NPR Reticle - Had the gun for about 6 years. Put my first rounds through it last weekend as it took me forever to part with the money to buy the Nightforce scope to go on it and anything cheaper just wouldn't do.

    Armalite AR50 - Just ordered tonight. Going to be awhile until I shoot it as I got to bank up the cash for another Nightforce.

    I know a lot of people will question why by an AR50? Im getting it more for the following reasons:
    1 - Im left handed. Not many model selections out there for us southpaws. Ive been looking for a good lefty 338 or larger but all I seem to find is 5K plus stock guns or custom guns which Im not ready to delve into. I bagged this one on the "cheap" so I went for it.
    2 - They will probably be banned before its over. If I would have kept my money out of the stock market and just bought a 50 cal 5+ years ago when I first looked it would have been a better investment!
    3 - Just the idea of firing a 50 round.....we are only here once so we might as well enjoy it! :)

    That being said, whats yalls recommendations for the rings. Ive seen mltiple threads on this but I figured I would get an up to date vote.