Tested out the NF ATACR 7-35x56 Enhanced.


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Dec 16, 2020
Just mounted up then new ATACR 7-35x56 Enhanced with MOAR-T reticle and made it to the range yesterday evening. I swapped from my Leupold VX-6HD 4-24x52. The Leupold never failed me, I just wanted that proven durability and to test out a NF.

First thoughts were "Dang, this thing is built like a tank" lol. Very smooth parallax knob and extremely crisps turret "clicks". Both superior to the leupold. Optically they seem pretty similar. They both have a 34mm tube, which made for an easy swap. I just left the ring bases in place even though I MAY have been able to space them out one more notch, it would have been cutting it close for sure, so I just left them. The whole mounting, eye relief process was simple. Great eye relief and eye box for sure. Fairly easy to get a full FOV even at 35X. One thing I will definitely mention, was when I received the scope, the turret was up like 30 MOA probably. Just out of habit I grabbed it and spun it down to the bottom. I played hell with this for a few minutes once trying to get my eye relief and full FOV. I could see that the view wasn't full and slightly shadowed near the top. After a few minutes I realized I should probably not have the turret ALL THE WAY bottomed out. I spun it back up about 30 MOA and everything was perfect with the view through the scope. I'm not sure at what point that distortion starts though, but it was gone after I came up on the turret a ways. Just something to note. I then just pulled the bolt out and looked through the barrel to do my normal boresight deal. Center up a target in the barrel and align the crosshairs as best as possible. I went straight to 100 yards at 35X and to my surprise the parallax was right on the money also (aligned with the 100 yard engraving). I was able to sight my rifle in with a mear 5 total shots at 100 yards. Miscalculated my first windage adjustment though haha. Then I went straight back to 600 yards. Here I noticed the parallax quit aligning with the given engravings. I only need to be at "400" yards on the parallax knob, for a clear image at 600 yards. I couldn't care less, I just like having a reference to go off of. 10 MOA up, first shot was money, second shot was 1" lower than the first shot. Both shots slightly left though. Then I went to 830 yards for just one shot. 3" low and 3" left at 830 yards. I called it a day. I made a .01 adjustment to my BC in my zeiss binos which brings me from 17.7 MOA to 18.2 MOA at 830 and went one click to the right. Of course I'll spend more time verifying my slight adjustments since I was running short on time, but all in all it was a very good short trip with the scope and I'm definitely happy with it. I also love the 35X for target shooting and it was crystal clear even at that magnification. And I don't feel like the 7x low end will be a hindrance for hunting much. I shot a buck at 30 yards on 10x this year so, lol. Also, when the Leupold zeroed, I had 34 MOA of upward adjustment left. With the NF zeroed, I have 63 MOA of upward adjustment left.

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