Talley rings/bases,..what do you guys think of them?


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Sep 25, 2002
Do these rings and bases hold up under heavy recoil? Will they eventually break loose or will they hold up? I see that they aren't all that expensive compared to nightforce etc, so I was wondering if nightforce price fixes their bases and rings also, or if they were realyy WORTH that much. Any other suggestions for rings and bases?

The Talleys are very well made, but comparing them to the NF rings is like comparing the Leupold QRW or PRW to the MK IV. The NF rings ARE worth the $$$--But if you are putting them on a light weight gun, they are overkill(in both looks and performance). I have three sets of them, all on my heavy guns that I either shoot off the bench or bipod. The Talley's stand up well to recoil, but their disadvantage is that you are stuck with using Talley bases. Try the Warne Maxima TPA rings. They look like Talley's, but use Weaver style bases and hold like crazy. They also only run about $35 from Brownells in the 30mm flavor. They are quickly becoming my favorite set-up. I have NF tapered two piece bases and either NF rings or the Warne maxima TPA's on all my guns... And I am very picky...CJ

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I am using a SS 700 magnum action with a 30" barrel and probably Mcmillan stock. The chambering is 300UM, so I guess you would say that I should look into the warne or NF rings and bases? I am also using the 56mm Nightforce variety as well.

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