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Apr 3, 2013
Good Day to everyone,

We have been a member for several years and read the forum everyday, I do find it quite useful for a variety of reasons. Some smart cookies are roaming this forum. Our company has introduced several components that are outside the primary box. All have a use, all of the optics have/are been in the "field", and the barrels are a totally different direction/concept but answers many of the common questions occurring within these forums with current shooters noting its attributes are unique as in an improvement.

First primary item: in order to reduce confusion, we changed our name from Apexx to TACOMHQ a few years back.

We are mainly known for our optics: all of which provide a literal second point blank ability to any known optic presently used:

A) The Alpha Series is focused on mid range engagements: Military, LE and or hunter. A simple lens assembly mounted in front of your primary optic will provide an instant second zero range. Example: Red Dot with a 25m/200m zero. Our unit will provide an instant 600m point blank capability. As a hunter you can have a 100yd zero and a 300yd zero. No hold overs and specifically built to your platform and round. For those 300BO users super vs sub: this is your instant offset.

B) Charlies: this device owns every long range record existing. It can add up to 1000moa to an existing device- without changing a shooters position. Several versions are available starting with low cost versions, invertable versions, and of course the large moa/mil capable versions. It can be scope mounted, rail mounted or Armor mounted.

C) Delta's: The first use is for ultra long range shooters allowing the optics to look down the side of the barrel. This device in conjunction with a Charlie was used to successfully hit a target at 6012yds. For suppressor work again looking down the side of the barrel removes mirage.

A Bravo does exists and builds on the Alpha systems.

Remember: Long Range is determined the moment your scope runs out of travel but the round is capable of more (in some cases much more). 22LR 800yd shots, 45-70 1000yd shots, 300 Norma 3000yd shots, 416 6000yd shots. Pellet guns.

D) The Structured Barrels: stiffer (56%+ at equal weights), 3-500%+ more cooling surface, internal cooling, less vibration/whip allowing a much more friendly load event, lower SD migration, longer life, lower group migration, less felt recoil due to less whip on the barrel. Third party deep (CEL) computer simulation analysis, third party load testing, third part shooters: all confirm these claims. We use your choice of barrel blank. We have built 22CM to .416 Barrets and 50's. I am always intrigued about 3-5 shot groups heating a barrel and have personally witnessed this on 7mm, 300WM and 300NM- 5 shots barrel hot and group growing. Our 260's, 300NM, 375CT all are capable of way into the teens for shot groups. Our target test exist with 50rds in 20min on a timer, ten 5 shot groups all on a different point fully plotted. You will also find essentially zero mirage. Cooling: the surface area is a heat sink, the cores open up in front of the chamber allowing air to pass thru the barrel core, or water, or Brake Clean... Air actually moves through the ports with each shot. You will also find that upon cease of fire temp will rise for a minute or two but immediately starts dropping. The chamber is the coolest area of the barrel. In fact a .375CT/50cal shooter does not worry about cooking a round while it is in the chamber allowing them to chamber acquire target and shoot. They are not two piece units and each feature you see has an end purpose: stiffness, heat control, vibration, mirage.

E) The Armor: simply it is a cage (6-8oz). Interestingly this took some flak on this site a few years back when some guys found this on line. However, its primary goal is not to only protect your scope but to protect your point of impact (POI). After all the POI is the first primary objective of the platform. During our drop test we found POI moved for a variety of reasons/system components besides scope issues. Moving and absorbing the impact forces drastically reduces POI shifts. For the flak shooters: we have a whole series in the "field", used at the International Sniper Comp, and hunters are using it with one common thought: "I no longer worry about my scope". In one demo we had to drop our TRG-42 with a Zeiss scope 13x upside down onto concrete and hold the same POI. Excessive "yes". To the point "yes". Would you do that with your rifle, my guess is "no". A common argument at that time was "I will never drop my rifle"... never. It is also a mount for the Charlie for those odd ball scopes we don't produce for or can't produce for.

Thank you for letting us introduce ourselves and we look forward to further conversations.

You can find us at TACOMHQ.com

I will have to get with my son for an emoji.


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