Swarovski spotting scope question


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Apr 25, 2010
Sierra mtns near Lk Tahoe
A friend is offering to sell me his Swarovski spotting scope and it seems like a good price but I can find nothing on this style scope online. It is the collapsible type with the rubber armor on the outside, compact, 75mm objective and variable power up to 45x.

It is not HD. The size is perfect for backpacking and that is a real plus. Zeiss makes a similar model. You don't see many of these collapsible spotting scopes in the US and to find this style scope online you need to go to the UK version of Swarovski's website.

Just hoping (or not) that someone can tell me something about this spotter.

The Swarovski models are not water proof. The internal volume increases when the tubes extend. The internal pressure drops, which sucks (moist) air into the scope. When the temp is cold, the scope can fog up. Our Swarovski rep does not recommend them for hunting.
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Here is what I found out. Email Swarovski the serial number and they'll get back to you with the facts. The one I was considering was made in 1984, bought in Austria, and if it ever needed servicing it would have to be sent to Austria! So what is the postage?? And the time?? And the scope is 30 years old! If it seems like a good deal.............. watch out for the pitfalls! So my search continues but I am seriously considering a Vortex Viper with the 65mm objective HD lens. New they're around $650 and have gotten great reviews. Plus they come with the little rail that allows you to mount a small red dot scope to aid in acquiring whatever you picked up without too much trouble. And they have a warranty.
They aren't a Zeiss or Swarovski but they're a few thousand $$ less and I am not sure I could appreciate the difference!
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