SOLD/EXPIRED Swarovski Spotting Scope CTC 30x75 Extendable With Stay-On Case

Lost in alamos

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May 1, 2014
New Mexico
I just posted these on e-bay. If someone here wants them, knock of $100 off asking price and use a USPS money order to pay. These are awesome for spot and stock, but I am working on a new NULA in a 284 gun), so I need the cash. Incredibly clear and no bipod needed. Much lighter than the typical STS spotting scope. Excellent condition and very very hard to find!. I know I will regret selling them but I need the cash.

Contact me at 505 5seven0 9192 or send me a PM.

Here is a link to pics and description:
Swarovski Spotting Scope CTC 30x75 Extendable with Stay on Case | eBay

Thanks for looking!