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SOLD/EXPIRED Swarovski 10x42 SLC Binoculars


Active Member
Oct 28, 2011
Littleton, CO
Up for sale, my trusty Swarovski 10x42 SLC Bincoulars! These can no longer be purchased in the United States and are some of the BEST glass you can get in this price range. These are fresh in the wrapper, from Swarovski. I just had them completely cleaned out, services and ready to go. The glass performs as it did brand new. There are simply NO binoculars that one could buy, within my listing price range, that can perform like these. The original box is included, and these bincoulars have been responsible for the exposure of hundreds, if not thousands of big game animal. If there is ONE thing that can drastically upgrade your hunting prowess, it is top notch Swarovski Glass. Price is firm, you and I both know there is nothing comprable for this price. These are crystal clear game finders made by the undisputed best company in Optics. I can meet anywhere from North Denver down to Castle Rock. Shipping is avaible at your expense, payment must clear first. There is nothing wrong with them, I am moving to NL Pures at tripple the price of these! ***Be careful with the UK model Swarovski SLCs, Swarovski will not service or warranty them as they are considered gray market. These are United States purchased and Swarovski will service them, no questions asked** $1,100.00


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