Streaming Scope Camera Advice??

I have no functional experience with something like this but Id really think long and hard what your goal is with this...just using it on the range vs hunting and style of hunting would be really important in making the decision. I quickly looked at your link and if they are right, the weight (assuming its the actual product weight) its .7 kilograms which if google is correct is 25 oz...if that's just the raw device not the package materials, thats a TON of weight to add to your gun if you are planning to carry it. It also kind of looks a bit cumbersome and could potentially catch on things more that just what the windage knob would. Not sure how this would jive with adjusting your magnification of your scope, but if its hard to change easily or requires a set it and forget it, not being able to quickly change magnification would be a show stopper for me.

With that all said, if its lighter than what I read, doesnt impact changing magnification and wouldnt add additional snagging on things, I could see where one of these would be cool to be able to film your hunts