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Dec 11, 2018
Evanston, Wy
We are putting out a few goodies ahead of Black Friday. Listed products and pricing will be available for call in Only! (307-707-3181) These deals will Expire By 11/22/19
Packlites will Ship in a FREE BOYTS HARD CASE/ And includes a entry into our long range 2 day Class in 2020 (a 1,200.00 Value)

To check out our rifles please Visit

Deal 1) Packlite Atlas/ short action ONLY/// Standard bolt ONLY/ can be had with your choice of Chamber/ barrel length. (Standard meaning 243/Creedmoor/08’ etc)
In stock, M5/ or BDL. carbon Fiber Barrel.
ships by 12/15/19
2 only at this price.
Normally 4,250.00
Sale Price 3,599.00

Deal 2) 224 Cal 7twist Proof Comp Contour Prefit Barrels/ for Tl3/Origin/Vector/Axiom/Apollo/Zeus/Nuclules/HAVAK/737
Any 224 Chamber
3 at this price
499.95 plus shipping

Deal 3.
Kelbleys/Proof Carbon fiber Barreled Actions your choice of Contour/Chamber/Length. Right or Left Magnum/Standard
Regular 2180.00
Sale- 1890.00 (2 at this price)

Deal 4) (lefty’s)
Packlite Atlas
Short or Long
Choices just like we offer online/ left hand only magnum/ short or Magnum Long (IN STOCK!!!)
Normally 4,250.00
Sale 3,650.00
2 at this Price

Deal 5
Carbon Tikka Package!
Right Or Left Hand Magnum or Standard.
Includes Carbon Fiber Altitude Stock By Mesa/ T3X Action/ Proof Barrel and 1.5# Trigger/ and Shot Caller Gen2 Brake!
(Pictures still Uploading Call for Details)
2 Only At this price.
Normally 3499.00
Sale price 2995.00
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