Stone Glacier M5

That popular huh?

Anyone else have a different suggestion for an outer shell? As of now I've always used marmot precip.
I know I'm super late to this party, but I use the M5…both jacket and pants, and I think they are really nice. I love the cut of them and have yet to get wet wearing them. They seem to breath real well when I'm exerting myself too. I tend to sweat really easily and with these I don't have as much of an issue sweating as I do wearing other brands.

Kinda old here but, I have an M5 jacket and it's awesome. I bought it to replace my First Light rain jacket that the liner started to fall out of, they wouldn't replace it without a receipt even though it was a warranty replacement from them (for the same issue, I might add), go figure. That's the last time I'll buy anything from them. My M5 doesn't wet out, I've had it pretty wet and I've never had moisture get through.
Mine is sort of baggy on me. I've lost a bunch of weight this year though. I probably could've went with a medium, but it was a little tight when I bought it. The arms are long on me. I'm 5'7" and 175 now, I was about 220. I think the fit is as expected.