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Oct 11, 2016
Hi everyone I am getting into long range shooting. I have a savage 111 in 7mm rem that I have been reloading for and it's starting to shoot fairly good. I picked up a Bushnel 10x with target knobs and I am thinking I would like to upgrade the stock next. The problem with this gun is that with the detachable mag it really limits stock options. I found a Boyd's stock that I like but it only comes in the factory barrel configuration. This isn't a big deal as I can sand it out if I do a barrel swap. I have found some chassis options that will also work but not sure what is the best option. I'm wondering what you would all suggest for a better stock for this rifle. Thanks
I haven't used any Boyd's stocks myself, but from reading this forum they have a good reputation, especially with a decent bedding job. I cheated and bought stocks with full aluminum bedding blocks, but I will probably invest in proper bedding jobs eventually. I have a Savage 11 that I dropped into the Hogue full bed stock and am very pleased with it. The rubber takes a bit of getting used to, but works really well for me during winter coyote hunts. If you keep the factory bottom metal the factory mags work as well or better than they did in the factory plastic. I used a HS-Precision on my Remington 700 ADL, and like that stock a lot too.
Poe, Boyd's ProVarmint is a great stock at a nice low price. I've bedded several for Savages and a few Remingtons. They are strong, don't warp and look great. Good luck
Thanks a lot for the help. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can get this rifle to do. Hoping the weather gets better soon so I can get out and test some more loads.
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