Standard countour bbl on a mountain rifle?


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Apr 22, 2009
Valley County, ID
I have a Rem 700 mountain rifle (wood stock) in 280 rem with the original 22 in pencil bbl. The bbl is still good, but heats up so darn fast. I would like to replace it with a 24" standard contour bbl (fluted maybe). My question is can this be there enough wood in the forearm it open uop the channel to fit the bbl?

What about a bbl brand recommendation? This will be a hunting rifle out to 600 yds, not looking for top of the line here ... just a step up from factory. Thanks!
If a good Smith properly installs a good tube such as a Krieger and beds the action properly this will not be a problem. I have a one sporter in 6.5x284 that will put 10 rounds into .4 inside of 2 minutes at 100yds.

Point here is that if there is no stress in the tube and the bedding (Speedy Pillars mine) is done correctly this problem goes away.
I was thinking about one of these ER Shaw barrels as my budget is limited..

FWeightContour No. 1
Lightweight Sporter 24" 1.140" 2" 2" .850" .550" 2 lbs. 11oz.
Contour No. 1 1/2
Magnum Sporter 24" 1.150" 2.250" 2.250" .850" .600" 3 lbs. 2oz.
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Is your action bedded and pillared? If it is, then you can get pretty wild with hogging out the forearm of your stock. The forearm needs to be rigid enough to prevent it from making contact with the barrel.

I am not a gunsmith, but I have pillared and bedded the action on my rifles. The forearm needed to be modified on some of them. I was alway able to come up with aesthetically pleasing profile and look. However, I usually refinished the entire stock. BTW - the rifles always shot better too... night and day better.
The action isn't pillared and bedded, mostly because i can't find a good gunsmith that can do it and not free float the bbl (those mnt contour bbls need the front pressure point).
I understand... I have a Remington 700 KS Mountain in 300WM, it has the Kevlar/Fiberglass stock. Mine also heats up real fast too. Can't really do any long range taget shooting, unless you wait 10 minutes between shots, because the POI changes so much. I will say, it's pretty consistent with cold barrel shot, if I do my part well.

My earlier point was you may not need a new stock if you pillar and bed your action, because you will likely use the existing barrel lug with your replacement barrel. With a heavier barrel contour, a forearm contact point - preload - probably won't be required.
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