Jan 2, 2024
New York
Good morning,

I'm looking at pillar bedding my model 7 with pillars and I'm looking at the different pillars for a 700 that I think will work. My real point of confusion is why are some contoured and some squared? Is there an advantage to one over the other?
You will get differences in opinions on this. Personally, I make mine square and leave a little layer of bedding compound on top of them.
Check out the pillars that Long Rifles Inc. machines out of stainless. Little pricey to some at I believe $30-40 per set but they are awesome. Aluminum pillars will supposedly get oxidation over time and could let go from the bedding. I like having grooves in my pillars in order to also have mechanical lock as well. Pillar bedding makes a difference but can be tedious to get right.