help needed

  1. Ben Landon

    6mm Remington Ammo

    New gun owner here. I am very happy to be finally joining the ranks of American gun owners! Though, it seems I picked the absolute worst time to do so! (Lol) I decided to support a local firearms shop here in South Central PA and bought a never fired preowned Remington 700 in 6mm Remington...
  2. A

    Unable to post classified or private message anyone.

    Hi, I'm new here and I've been lurking the forum's a while and I'm interested in posting some threads to the classifieds and also contacting a seller via private message about an ad I saw but I am unable to post in the classifieds section ("You have insufficient privileges to post a thread...
  3. Hawkeye Pierce

    HELP Finding "XM" length box magazines

    OK everybody I need some major help. I'm looking to order an XM length action from Defiance machine but I can't find any box magazines to fit in the American Precision arms bottom metal. Does anybody use these types of actions or know of someone who has Dropbox magazines? Also do you know if...
  4. Hawkeye Pierce

    HELP Finding XM length box magazines

    Im going to be ordering a Defiance Machine Ruckus XM action hopefully relatively soon. Only problem is I can't seem to find box magazines for them. American precision arms has new bottom metal for the action as well as Hawkins Precision, just no mags. What I'm building is a. 260 terminator from...
  5. SO I HUNT

    Which barrel 280 ai build

    I’m looking to take my son in laws rifle and have it rebarreled while he is deployed. His rifle is a Legendary Arms 280 ai and it shoots okay. I’m far from being rich myself so any help on selecting a barrel would be great. Wants: Same caliber 280 ai (already has everything for reloading) (no...