Springfield M1A Standard


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Dec 20, 2008

Putting up for sale my Springfield Armory M1A standard to help fund some other purchases. I bought this brand new back in May of 2017, mounted the Springfield Armory scope mount and scope and shot 1-20 round mag out of it. It was one of those once in a lifetime experiences when you throw a scope on a rifle and the very first round out of it nailed bullseye at 100 yards, I couldn't believe it. I shot a few groups and the rest of the mag was spent nailing some steel. Very fun rifle to shoot. I was able to pull off about a 1.75" group at 100 yards using 175gr Federal match. This was off a bag and no rear rest so I could have gotten lucky but I think it will do a little better. I put the rifle in the safe and its been there ever since. This is an awesome rifle but my heart has other desires right now and it needs a new home. I'm looking for $1300 shipped for the rifle and scope mount and 1 20 round mag. The scope, rings and cheek pad are not included. If you have any questions feel free to ask, thanks for looking.
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