SOLD/EXPIRED Spring Cleaning.. Few things for sale.

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    Dec 21, 2011
    Did a little spring cleaning today and have a few things that need to go.

    200 Rounds 1xfired .308 brass most brass is Winchester with some Rem mixed in. Sorted in 50 rnd bags. $20/50.

    12 lbs of once 1x fired .223 military crimped brass.
    I'll count it if you want, I'm guessing 900+ rounds. $180

    Set of Vanguard 60" standing style shooting sticks. Never been in the field. $35
    Tasco 12x50 Futura Binoculars. They have been used but still are very clear and functional. $60 (I can't get this pic to load for some reason)

    Primos Trigger sticks. Monopod 3 position-60 inch - sitting version. $30 (no pic)

    Bushnell Yardage Pro 600 Rangefinder, only used in the field a couple times. Works great. $70
    Make an offer on some of this stuff if you like I would like to get it out of my hair.
    I'll split the shipping on any item. Thanks for looking.
    If you want pics of the Primos sticks or the Tascos PM me and I'll text or email some.
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