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Andy Backus

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Dec 21, 2009
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Please give me an overview of what your company does.
My company builds long range and bench rest rifles. I also acurize factory rifles for those who can't afford a full custom.

How long have you been in business, how did you get started, and who are some of the key members of your operation?
I started my business in January of 2010. I was a tool maker for years and some friends kept after me to buy the equipment and start building rifles. I work alone and do every process myself.

Can you describe and give me a brief history of some of your hot products or services?
Most of my rifles are long range hunting rigs. My customers so far enjoy making that long one shot kill or ringing the steel plate.

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6X47 Lapau, Brux Barrel, Stiller Tac 30 Action, McMillian A-5 Jewel Trigger, 5.5X22X56 Nightforce

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Target At 1000 Yards

What are some of your company's future goals?
I hope to build this up to where I have enough backlog to where I don't have to wonder if I am going to have work next month if I stay in the shop 5 to 6 days a week.

I want to be able to do most everything in house. Every dime I make now goes back in the shop for more equipment or tooling.

I think it is just begining. Just like when I started, I would have never thought it was possible to shoot a deer or any animal at 800 or a 1000 yds.

Tell me about your (or some of your team's) personal hunting style, location, species, etc.
We mostly still-hunt white tail deer at long range. There is some varmit hunting around but not like out west. I have been lucky to get a few coytotes close by.

The best times are watching the youth learning about hunting. I am lucky enough to be able to hunt with a good friend of mine Jett Ferebee and his 13 year old son John. We try to make sure John always gets the first shot. He is a very good shot and has learned to make 1 shot kill very well.

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Stiller Preditor Short Action
Brux #3, 8 twist finished at 24 inches
Jewel trigger, 260 Remington
HighTech Specialty Stock piller bedded and finished by DCGS

What non-hunting and shooting hobbies or activities do you participate in?
Mostly only fishing. Some of my customers love deep sea fishing.

How long have you been an active member of LongRangeHunting.com?
I think about 3 years

Call or email Dan to ask questions or set up an appointment.
(919) 604-1651 or [email protected]