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    Feb 12, 2013
    I put this together for an opportunity to get into a durable, accurate Spartan Precision hunting rifle at a lower price. I tried to make it as affordable as possible with a pricing structure that is broken up into three payments. It's a no frills build with a trued 700 receiver, precision ground recoil lug and Bartlein barrel (heavy or sporter) which will be pillar bedded with Devcon Steel Putty into a Manners MCS T or T6 stock. The standard model will have bare metal which you can leave as is or paint it to match your environment. If you want to add on Cerakote and nicer parts there are many upgrades available. Regardless it will be a "hardened" and reliable rifle with a half MOA accuracy guarantee.

    Here is a picture of the prototype I built for myself. I chose the more traditional sporter style MCS T stock and lighter profile barrel options. The only upgrade on this one is a Timney trigger.



    -Rem 700 blued, right hand, short or long, .223, standard or mag bolt face (Remington rep just told me no left hand models available)
    -Bartlein barrels in one of two contours and any caliber
    -Manners stocks in one of two different models
    -Remington X mark trigger, tuned
    -Remington BDL hinged floor plate, mag box & follower
    -Badger Ordnance precision ground recoil lug

    Work included:

    -Action truing job complete including opening scope base holes to 8X40
    -Barrel threads cut to fit receiver
    -Chamber cut to minimum SAAMI specs with polished counterbore and recessed target crown
    -Pillar bedded with 7075 aluminum pillars and Devcon Steel Putty and completely free floating barrel.
    -Final assembly of all parts, check for function and feeding/extracting reliability

    No cost options:

    -Almost any cartridge just ask
    -Any color combinations that Manners offers from the factory
    -Barrel length to 26"
    -Barrel contour either #3 Sporter or #6 Target
    -Manners stock choice of MCS-T (pictured above) or T6 (vertical grip tactical style)

    Base price is $2,785 if I get a minimum of 25 orders and I'll do a maximum of 50. Pricing structure will be $500 deposit which is nonrefundable, an additional $1,000 due by Feb 14th, and final payment on delivery. Shipping in a Plano hard case and custom fit heavy duty box insured for $3,000 is usually about $100-$120.

    They will be delivered no later than September 1st next year to be in time for fall hunting seasons.


    -Timney trigger $150
    -Jewell trigger $250
    -Oversized bolt knob $100
    -Cerakote entire barreled action and bottom metal in one color (including scope base if applicable) $250
    -Badger Ordnance steel scope base $125
    -Badger Ordnance steel scope rings $150
    -Badger Ordnance M4 hinged aluminum floor plate $345
    -Badger Ordnance M5 DBM $345
    -Side bolt stop $120
    -Mini M16 style extractor $130
    -Proof Research carbon wrapped barrel (MTU contour) $900
    -Vais Muzzle brake $225
    -KMW Loggerhead adjustable cheek piece $125
    -Adjustable L.O.P. spacer system $120
    -Custom free bore length for specific seating depth of specific bullet $75
    -Scope mounted and boresighted $45

    -Several brands and models of scopes available P.O.R.
    -Custom load development/work up with drop chart from actual shooting at known distance not just computer calculations P.O.R.

    I will open it up to start taking orders on Friday 10/18. At that time I will edit this post with the addition of a link to an online order form.
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    Feb 12, 2013
    Here is the order form it's now open.


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