Some more antelope hunting


Jun 18, 2007
NE Wyoming
Joel let his son use his gun for an upcoming hunt, so when I asked him if he wanted to use my 6.5x47 Lapua with the Burris Eliminator on it he said, "Sure!"
[ame=]LR Buck Antelope 6.5x47L Burris Eliminator 3 - YouTube[/ame]
Now that is what I call a true hunting experience. I took a neck shot one time with a .338WM on a big do in PA one year. I never take neck shots but it was all I had. It was my first and my last. But anyway... I plowed the old girl right in the neck with a 215grn SGK and she took off. She had a huge blood trail. I chased her for about 200yds. She laid there and watched me take a bead on her head at about 15yds with a pistol. I missed her w/ the pistol:rolleyes: and had to walk another 100 to find her flopped. It was neat that you could see the shots placed on the goat in your vid. One high shoulder and one behind the shoulder. That goat had a will to live. Thanks for the vid.
Actually it was the first shot that hit him. Shot went from outside of the throat on the left side (lopes right side) between the lungs bruising or causing some trama lightly on one lung, above the heart and exited the antelope's left hind quarter.
Second shot missed.
We wondered the same thing too, but the autopsy revealed the whole story.
You should be able to see the vapor trail/trace on the first shot.
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