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    Jan 15, 2011
    FS 300WWBY Vanguard 2 blued, 24in. 42rds fired, I used a proper barrel break in procedure, 1 box factory 165gr. TSX included, shoots a group you can cover with a dime at 100yds. Leopold dual dove tail mounts are installed, and lapped. 500.00 shipped from my FFL to your FFL. no Calif. or NY; the rifle has a slight blemish on the barrel (rub mark) other wise its in excellent condition.

    I also have dies$25; 80 WBY CASES once fired $80.00; 285 new Rem. cases $170.00; these are extra, and These Extra cases are from my old rifle.

    FS ACTION ONLY; Stevens 200 Long Action CF Standard bolt face, brand new unfired, Blued; Timney trigger installed, $300.00 Shipped from FFL TO FFL.
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