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    Oct 7, 2010
    I have a custom rem 6.5-06 for sale. I am the original owner and have 150 rounds down the tube. Great shooter. i have shot many .3-.4" groups at 100 and 1.5" groups at 300. Here are the specs. Great shape- no nicks or blems that i can see.

    1-Rem 700 LA reciever blue printed
    2-Sako extractor installed
    3-Rock Creek 26" barrel #5 contour
    4-H-S precision sporter stock
    5-Glass bedded
    6-suppresor installed
    7-Duracoat action and barrel
    8-Tuned trigger to 2.5 lbs

    I am asking $1800 shipped to your FFL (scope and mounts not included)