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Nov 29, 2007
Humble, Texas
WTS – Broughton Stainless Steel 5C .264”(6.5mm) barrel, #5.5 contour (.750” at muzzle) 8 twist, Spiral fluted, bead blast finish. 26-5/8” length. Chambered/threaded/crowned by K. Cram of Montour County Rifles to 6.5WSM, .299” neck (He has the reamer). This was on a Stiller Predator long action (threads 1.0625 – 16 tpi), so it is throated long. OAL with a 6.5mm 140gr. Berger VLD at .010” from the lands is 3.010”. I’m using the Stiller action for another build, so that is why I am selling the barrel. Including the barrel, fluting, chamber/threading I have over $650 in it. Never rapid fired, I typically fire rounds at the range at least 3 minutes apart. Round count 235. I will include (3)Boretech proof positive 6.5 nylon brushes, (1)Boretech proof positive 6.5 jag and a Hornady custom Modified 6.5WSM case (threaded case to fit on a Hornady Lock-n-load oal gauge, which is not included).
I will accept USPS Money Order, Certified Bank Check, or PayPal (add 3% if you prefer to use PayPal). I will also be selling some dies, bullets, etc. for it separately, so inquire by PM if interested in those as well.
Barrel is $350 shipped in the Continental US

Also have 100 pcs Norma 270WSM brass necked down to 6.5 (63 once fired, 37 twice fired) for $50.00 shipped.

In the pics taken during load development,
67.8 gr Retumbo, 140VLD, 100 yds (3240 fps)
64.5 gr H1000, 140VLD, 200 yds (3160 fps)
61.2 gr H4831SC, 140VLD, 200 yds (3157 fps).

I tried all 3 powders, and it shot pretty good with all of them.


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