SOLD/EXPIRED SOLD WTS/WTT Freedom Arms 252 22lr Silhouette Revolver

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    I have up for sale a great condition Freedom Arms 83 252 22 lr silhouette revolver. I am the second owner. First own used it shooting silhouette competitions. They stopped the competitions at his local range and so he sold it. I purchased it late last year. I shot it a couple of times for some of the best open sight groups that I have ever shot, could cover one 5 shot group with a dime at 25 yards and that is saying something because i am not a good handgun shooter. The previous owner was able to get way more accuracy out of it than I could ever do as the letter he wrote shown below will attest to.
    I am selling because the quality/capability of this revolver is wasted on me. I would like to get out of it what I have in it which would be $1400 plus shipping. I have no problems taking trades, will also take more than one of the items listed below and can add cash to get to the right deal.
    As I am in CA for me to legally be able to import at lot of these items I want they would need to be converted to single action. I can explain more about that process via email and my FFL can also speak to its legality.
    I am looking for the following s&w
    610 3 Inch
    Please email me with all questions at [email protected]


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    Re: WTS/WTT Freedom Arms 252 22lr Silhouette Revolver

    PM sent. Thanks Kenny