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    Mar 16, 2010
    WTS WTT -This s a Remington 700 22-250 Ackley. customized by Carolina Precision Rifles. It has a Brand new (just broken in) 26 inch Shilen Barrel 1-14 RH Twist. Jewell trigger set at 2Lbs. Fully blueprinted action, including bolt face,Tubb recoil lug, Aluminum and glass bedded. Custom Compensator and barrel cap. Leupold scope, VARI-XIII,1 inch, 6.5-20x50 Matte AO fine duplex in Leupold mounts. I will include 50 formed empty ready to load brass and load information. Velocity with 50gn Nosler BL tip is 4000+, 40 gn Nosler BL tip is 4300+ FPS. This rifle is SUB 1/2 MOA capable, as you can see from Targets.

    Package Deal-**SOLD**Shipped, USPO MO Or Check. No Pay Pal. Can Take CC though my buisness.
    May Split up if enough are Interested in the Pieces. Be a Shame, This is a Shooter With Low round Count.

    Gun is Ceracoted Matt Black.
    Gun Weighs About 12 LBs.
    Barrel is 26 inch Target Strait Taper about a 7 LV.
    Muzzle is .8 at Start of Muzzle Break.
    Stock Is HS Remington Take off opened up to fit Barrel.
    I did not build this rifle. Took it in Trade.
    Will Split up, But it shoots GREAT.

    Ar Type Flat top ACCURATE rifles, in 223.
    Nightforce Scopes,Zeiss Scopes,Premier scopes.
    Kahr Handguns.

    More Pics available by email

    Let Me Know What you Have to Trade.
    Thanks For Looking.

    Capt Ben-409-443-1550

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    Mar 16, 2010
    Re: **** WTS WTT Custom -22-250AI Rem Action 50 Rd

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