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SOLD/EXPIRED **SOLD**AR bull 24" bull barrel 223


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May 31, 2001
Casper Wy
For sale
24" bull barrel in 223 for an AR15 with gas block.
$150 shipped
Re: AR bull 24" bull barrel 223

It was on an A1 Sales upper. I'm thinking Wilson but not sure??
It was just too heavy for my likeing so I replaced it with a flutted lighter profile 20"
Pics added

24",1/8 twist, stainless, steel bull AR barrel. Has been recrowned with gas block but is not threaded @ the muzzle. Just dont have a use for a good shootin heavy AR barrel.
$150 shipped

Re: AR bull 24" bull barrel 223

Maybe its a Shaw then? This barrel is over ten years old but has a vey low round count...Less than 350.
I gotta go to the post office anyway=$125 shipped