SOLD/EXPIRED Sinclair/Starret Case Neck Micrometer


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Jan 16, 2008
Falls Church, VA
Here's my Sinclair Case Neck Micrometer. Sinclair built it around a Starrett micrometer head capable of measuring in .0001inch increments.This tool is designed specifically for handloaders to accurately measure case neck wall thickness. The micrometer head and anvil are completely adjustable so you can measure the neck wall thickness right up to the junction of the case neck and shoulder.

The tool is mounted to a stainless steel base and allows you to have both hands free when measuring brass. The micrometer head is mounted in an anodized aluminum frame, and the anvil is made of stainless steel. This micrometer will work for .17 caliber cases and larger. It is barely used and in like-new condition. MADE IN THE U.S.A.

You can still buy these through Sinclair for $167 + shipping. You can still see it and a demo video on the Sinclair website here: Sinclair/Starret Case Neck Micrometer | Sinclair Intl

$150 includes USPS Priority Mail delivery to your door.