Sightron SIII 10-50xby60mm


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Dec 4, 2008
East Central SD
Good Evening All:

I just received my SIII 10-50X by 60mm with a fine hair reticule today. I haven't had a chance to mount it on the rifle yet....but I did some brief side by side comparisons to the SIII 8-32X. The new scope seems to be equal to the 8-32X in terms of brightness and clarity...even edge to edge. For my BR shooting...I'm looking forward to the extra power at the top end. All in all, I'm very impressed with this new scope...all for just under $1K.

Here are some pictures I took for comparison: Sightron SIII 10-50X60mm pictures by Senderofan - Photobucket

Thanks guys....I'll try and mess with the scope more in the next couple of days. The turrets on the 10-50X are longer...I suppose it's the result of having 1/8" clicks. The feel is very much the same as the 8-32X I have. The side focus knob is larger..but has the same feel as the other scope.

Once I figure out what ring height I need...I'll get it mounted up. Can't wait to get out the range and see about repeatability etc. But that might take until July...with all the snow we've gotten.

Hey Wayne,

Really keen to hear your feedback on the new scope. I'm just making some enquiries about buying one myself.
Currently using a Leupold VX3 8.5 - 25 x 50 - great scope but keen to get a little more power.


I think it really depends on what type of shooting you plan on doing. This new scope is going to be mounted on a bench rifle. I think the scope is too large and the 1/8" clicks make things pretty complicated for most field work...but will serve my 1000 yard shooting needs perfectly.

Good Luck....So far I'm very pleased with this new scope...would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a scope with this magnification and for its price.


I intend to use it for F-Class STD shooting - 300 to 1,000m.
No field work intended. Hope to relocate the Leupold to a .223 rifle for similar use.

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