SHORT RANGE for you guys anyway

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Dec 13, 2002
mathias wv
I shoot a mark Bansner UR-1 in 7mm STW with a lilja 26" barrel, have shot groups in the .2's on a few occasions. I would like to extend my Range to 600-700 yds with this setup. My longest kill is 487 yds. Am I asking to much of this setup?
NO, not at all, just practice and you will be there in no time, you didn't say what scope you have, that could make it easier or harder.
I have been using the STW way before it was called STW. My longest 826 yds .With 150 bal tip and 7828 powder. We have killed at 711,700,735,575,475,475,699. "take him" is usaully the last word before the shot.
My rifles are built by Clarence Hammonds Red lion ,PA. p.s we missed one at 1075 this year, but that buck was not as lucky on the next shot!
You've got a good gun built by a good smith.. get some load data from the guys here thatsoot that cal. and practice..

whew.. I know you spent a dollar or two on that one...
how longwas your wait.. hewas telling me 9 months..
I want him to build me one of his sheep hunter rifles..
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