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Sep 17, 2014
Republic of California
I have been wanting to get into long range shooting for a while. About 5 years ago I had a custom 300 WM built for this purpose (have a 270 I use for hunting and a couple “evil” black guns in 223/5.56) but life and kids have gotten in the way of range time. I am now in a position where I have more time to start shooting again.

so I’m looking for a teacher now. I don’t personally know anyone that can help me. I live in Northern CA and the only place I am semi farmilar with Is Thunder Ranch in OR. Are there any other schools within a 12 hour drive of Northen CA (Sacramento area) that someone can recommend? Or maybe a private instructor I can contact?

I’m not rich but I figure I will be paying a few grand to acquire some skill and knowledge. Looking for some suggestions.
You should have local clubs that have long range shooting competitions. Go watch one of those and ask lots of questions. Most long range shooters are happy to help and teach. The long range shooting clubs in Az are constantly offering free classes in getting started. Save the tuition costs because it would be a waste of money until you get the basics and a lot of field practice first. Also, there are some really good YouTube videos to get you started.
Thanks for the info. I haven’t been able to find many clubs around my area so I thought a few days at a school would be beneficial.
Visit any firing ranges in your area and be sure to scan the bulletin board
This isn't near northern CA, but check out Barbour Creek Shooting School. With air fair you might be able to swing it for about $2k
Thanks for the info. I haven’t been able to find many clubs around my area so I thought a few days at a school would be beneficial.
I always considered the schools to be a second or third step in the process. There is so much basic information and fundamentals that you can glean from here, snipers hide, and YouTube first. Then practice that until you reach a plateau before attending a school. I think that going to a school too early would be so overwhelming with information that you won't learn as much.
Compare it to learning to drive a race car. You wouldn't take the racing school before driver's ed and getting a lot of practice driving the family sedan. It would be a waste of money. You need to have a certain minimum basic level of skill and knowledge before you can benefit from the advanced schools.
Fwiw: SHLowlight on Sniper’s Hide has created a very in-depth series of videos geared for long range shooting. Subscription to access the material is $18/mo and can be cancelled at any time.
He has a lot of “teasers” on Youtube that would let you get a feel for his material and if it would be a good fit / teaching style for you.
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