Shooting past 2km, at last

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    Aug 12, 2010
    Last week i visited friend and forum member "Yrcan". Now he is about as serious about long range shooting as anyone gets, so we went straight to his 2km spot...

    Having owned owned and shot a Barnard PL in 338LM for a while now, i have shot at extended range before, but i had no real dope past 1250. Inside that i have a lot of hard data on the Berger 300gr OTM, and my fav. load of 88gr N570 - pushes the 300-bullet to an average of 848m/s.

    so being sort of sceptical i put the shot into Shooter, and out a solution popped. Dialling it, i realised i had to do some creative "kentucky elevation" stuff, since the scope ( a Vortex Razor HD 5-20x50) topped out at 18.5 mil, and the iPhone called for 32.6 - there beeing only 10mrad of hashmarks in the reticle, i had to zoom out to get enough fov. and eyeball the last 4mils of holdover.

    "Itsa nice place"

    Keeping the 1m yellow target face (a painted rock on the edge of the water) next to the reticle, i added 0.5 mils to the solution calling for 11mils of windage for spin- and coriolis drift (there is 0.2 mils, a foot and a half of elevation for coriolis as well in a shot like this . due west), another mil for the light breeze, and Bang!

    "Yrcan" shooting the Barnard.

    My first shot was not spotted, but the second was about 2m high, so i took of some elevation and sent another one, and splash it did - about a meter left. A couple more and i hit, with one, but now i straddled the rock and it was Yrcans turn, having the dope, he was a bit more successful.
    We took turns, and i established a 31.8 mrad UP for the conditions present, actually hitting the rock with like 4 out of 5 shots in one string - of course after the video camera battery had died.
    Anyway, alittle practice with the holdover, and dialing in the windage, we were 100% deadly on something the size of a car door at that range - "minute of car door" :D

    A couple videos from the first 8-10 shots
    [ame=]Langholdsskyting på 2086 meter 1 - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=]Langholdsskyting på 2086 meter 2 - YouTube[/ame]

    In between we zeroed at 1100m, and that was consistent with my old dope, and my 200m zero - so the 1.5mil of excess elevation i feel, most likely comes from my velocity beiing 860 instead of 850m/s.
    Using G7 0.420 with 860m/s gave on-the-click predictions from 700 to 2086m - i feel that is pretty awesome

    The Big Boomer enjoyed the trip to Yrcans home range,
    There is a 25, 100, 200, 300m rifle range with electronic scoring one side of the road, and the steel range 700-1200 other side... I could have spent some rounds there, given the time...

    The trip spurred new questions - what is the OTM bullets BC really?, how can velocity go UP in cold weather?
    and how long must ammo stay outside to be "air temperature"?,
    But without questions, would it be any fun?
    And of course the most important question, when do we do this again.

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    Oct 17, 2010
    It was nice to have you as my guest :)
    Finally someone who shoots like I do and share the interest in Extreme Long Range.

    Yesterday I went back to my 2km spot, and now there is a lot of ice hanging from the cliffs there. I found some ice at 2430 meters, and fired about 10 shots at it, but with no luck. My 300 grs OTM travel at 885 m/sek, and Applied Ballistics called for 149.5 MOA of elevation. I dialed 102 in my IOR scope, and used the reticle to hold over.

    I could hear the bullets hitting the face where the is was, but I could not see any impact. I think I hit to the side of the ice, hitting black rock.

    I was a bit disappointed and we talked on the phone about maybe the OTM's are unstable at that range, with my muzzle velocity.
    I shot quite a few rounds at 1630 meters, on ice, hitting it, but since I used once fired brass, with no annealing done to it, my vertical spread was bad.
    I even mixed a couple of rounds of 300 grs SMK into my lot of OTM, and they missed the ice with 10 MOA.

    M67, you are welcome back here any time, I'll be glad to have you visit. I hope I can come down to your shooting range during the winter, and play with you there.

    Here is a video from yesterday.

    [ame=]Vinter Langhold - YouTube[/ame]
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    Nov 15, 2001
    Awesome shots. The group shots were pretty good.