shilen barrels


Top barrels for LR/1k are shilen, hart, lilja, spencer, k&P, border, krieger. Yes there are others, but these are the most common. If I forgot someone's favorite, sorry.

Some are favored more in certain disciplines. For example Highpower shooters like Kriegers. Short range BR favor shilen, hart, lilja and spencer.

Does not mean others are not good, just that the shooters and gunsmiths have learned how to set up guns (very well) with those barrels for that particular discipline. They feel more confident with those barrels.

..I still have a case of the red *** with Mr Shilen.. I got a barrel from him that simply would not shoot after many, many range trips and different combinations(6BR 27" 8 twist 107's and the like).. He told me this, and I quote.. "That's the risk we take with our hobbies.." end quote..
So fergit that rascal..!!
..But then again, prior to that incident, some of the best barrels I had were Shilen's.. So take that and $1 to McD's and getchya a cop'o'joe..
I've shot shilens on my dads 22-250's i just bought a broughton rifle barrel for my 300rum and it's great tim north is very nice to deal with he answered all my questions and never made me feel like i was bothering him even after i recieved my barrel. One time while talking to him on the phone i had to end the conversation thats what i call customer service he's a sponser of this site as well .
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