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SOLD/EXPIRED Sendero 7 mm Ultra Mag


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Oct 4, 2008
SW Montana
Sendero 7 mm Ultra Mag **PICS**

I have a Sendero in 7mm RUM. The stock has a little wear from bipods and also a little just aft of where the bi-pods were on both sides of the stock. It has a Sako extractor installed and the bolt face has been trued and headspace re-checked. I believe that it is an older Sendero. It has the J-lock and also the HS precision stock. Other than that, I don't know much about it but I will answer all questions as best I can.

I bought it with intentions of some long range shooting but things are not going to work out. Also, I am unable to get pics right now but will try to as soon as possible for those who are interested. I "threw together" a few loads of 168 VLD's loaded to magazine length over some US 869 and was amazed to shoot a 0.75" three shot group at 100. All three loads were at or under MOA so it appears the gun can shoot. I have just a few pieces (16) of unfired brass and about 75 168 gr JLK VLD's I will include.

$825.00 plus shipping to your FFL.

Thanks for looking.






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Do you still have this gun for sale? Can you send me pics and any customs that were added? Also where are you located?
Can you send me pics? I went to Lafayette Shooters yesterday and looked at a new one. They had it for $1100 brand new. I know the guns are worth every penny because I have owned one but not sure if a gun we don't know too much about is worth the money. Is there any other customs on it? Trigger or muzzel break etc.? Just curious
Still for sale. A lot of questions about round count. I have no idea. The previous owner estimated 250-300 but I have to way of confirming this. I know that sounds flaky but that is the best I can do.

Another bump

New price: $775 plus shipping. That's as low as I can go.

Would accept trades now.

DPMS AR-10 .308 24" Bull
Remington MilSpec 5R 308
Colt 70 Series 45 ACP

Other offers?

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How much are you asking for it? about how many rounds shot through it and what kind of payment do you accept?
Thanks for responding
What type of group was the gun holding.....I know it all depends on the shooter and the ammo you use but just a rough estimate, and what type of payment?

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