Semi-newb ballistics question?


Mar 6, 2003
Western Pennsylvania
Real simple, I just want to know if it would be possible to stabilize a 60 grain bullet coming from a 12-twist .223 Remington. It sems BL-C(2) might be suited well for this purpose, but I'm not sure it is even possible in the first place...I'm looking for something with a little better BC than the 40 and 50 grain bullets I'm using now..

Thanks in advance!

hey, Do not know if your 1/12 barrel will stabilize the 60 grainers. Twist chart on my RCBS load cd-rom says you need at least a 1/11 twist. Have you thought about some of the 55 grainers like noslers balistic tip or seirras blitz king? BC's on both of these bullets are very close to the 60 grainers.RCBS load lists the BC for the nosler as.267 and the BC for the Seirra as.264 THis is close to some of the 60gr bullets, Hornaday 60gr Hp is .271, nosler 60gr sptz is.266, berger 60gr Hp is .233 Just something to think about. Hunter700
I shoot some 60 grain bullets (not all) quite well and the 64 grain Bergers very well out of a 22-250 with a 1/12 twist.

From my program it seems that you will be right on the edge, depending on which 60-64gr you shoot. If I were you I would stick with a 55 sierra or Nosler BT. Ballistically you will not really gain by using the 60 grainers as the BC is not that much better but the muzzle velocity loss is.

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