SOLD/EXPIRED Semi-custom LR-260

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    Jan 17, 2012
    Add a scope and you’re ready to head to the range!
    I purchased this DPMS upper a few years back (2nd owner), but haven’t yet fired it (Rifle has been my back-burner project for some time). The upper is the SS 24” (1 in 8.5” twist) barrel with a JP free float rail (~$200, JP - Modular Hand Guard), and has had the barrel threaded and a 4” muzzle brake installed (timed 5-port from Ported Muzzle Brakes). Charging handle has Badger TacLatch. I also have a one-piece PrimaryArms mount on top.
    Unfired DPMS lower has very smooth ~3 lb. Bill Springfield LPK with JP springs. Brand new MagPul PRS stock with heavy buffer and spring, and a new Panther grip (with palm shelf). I will include 2 new steel 20-rd. magazines. I also have a BlackHawk bipod, a few pieces of Lapua brass (maybe 20-40), and a few boxes of HPBT Hornady 6.5 bullets to sweeten the deal.

    Let’s say $1650 obo shipped (CONUS) to an FFL. Looking for top-shelf glass and M1As in trade. Would also switch the LR-260 upper for an 18” 308 upper. Most likely posting pictures this weekend.
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