Scratching the .264 itch

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    Aug 20, 2006
    After wanting one for years I have finally acquired a Model 70 in .264 WM. The plan was to use the push feed action to build on since the barrel was a factory sporter and only 24" long. The factory trigger responded well to a little tweaking so I decided to see what I was starting with. I had a couple of boxes of factory Remington ammo a buddy gave me several years ago so off to the range. The only scope I had to stick on it was an old Vari-x II 2-7 that I was going to send in for a cleaning and check up, I put that on to try it out. I propped it up on a Harris bipod and rear bag and the first round hit the 100 yard target so I made a slight adjustment to the scope and sent 3 more after it that snuggled into a nice .530 group. I switched to the 200 yard target and put the next three into 1.24. My gun club range goes out to 550 and has a steel plate about 10" x 12" hanging at the 550 yard line. I picked an aiming point on the berm over the target and touched her off again and was rewarded with a satisfying clank, few more shots produced the same result as the first.

    Aside from a rock hard recoil pad that I will replace, bedding and a new scope I think I'll leave it alone for a while.

    Anybody have any pet loads using Noslers?