Scope ring heights when vendors are using different measurements


Feb 2, 2016
I built up a LAWS 26 Nosler. Used Weaver tactical scope rings on a Vortex 6x24 50mm ffp PST scope. The gap from the objective lense above the barrel is where I want it to be. Maybe 3/8th of an Inch. Just where I want it. I just bought another LAWS in 308 but want to use Vortex precision rings with another Vortex 6x24 50mm ffp PST

The Weaver rings were the Low model.

What Vortex precision rings are the same height or close to that Weaver model.

I would just go in and do some fitting but I can't find any of them local to do that with and I will be ordering online.

Nevermind I figured it out.....the Low Vortex are basically .28"h, The Low Weaver are .25"h
So I am good to go...
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