Scope rail for Sako TRG-S



Just a little FYI for you TRG-S 338 Lapua owners.
I just got off the phone with Richard, the owner of Near Manufacturing and he told me they have a mil spec scope rail with 25moa that will fit the dovetails on the TRG-S. I had been looking for one and ended up at his website from a thread on the Snipers Hide Forum. The rail runs $159 plus shipping and he recommends drilling and tapping the top of the action for the supplied 8-40 screws. The mount has 6 holes in it.
I won't be getting one any time soon due to recent surgery on my knees but if anyone buys one please report results.
P.S. Richard is one of the most pleasant and informative persons that I've spoke with concerning firearms and their accessories.

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