Scope for my .300wm Weatherby Vanguard


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Oct 1, 2009

I've purchased a Weatherby Vanguard package (synthetic vanguard, leupold bases and 1" rings, sling, plano hard case) in .300wm for an upcoming hunt. It came with a Bushnell Banner 3-9x40 scope and from what I've read here and elsewhere, not the best scope. Regardless, I was planning on upgrading the scope and bought the package with the scope because the price of the package was less than the price of the rifle, bases and rings, and mounting that I priced elsewhere. Plus I get the case this way. I'll upgrade the sling atop this.

My big question is what scope to put on the rifle. I have a VXIII 4.5-10x40 (might be 4.5-14?? haven't shot it in a few months....) on my Remington 700 SPS .223 and LOVE it. Very clear scope. I think I might actually like to stick with Leupold because of this, although I am open to suggestions.

Another option is put the VXIII from the SPS onto the Vanguard and get a better target scope for the SPS as that has been used to shoot nothing but targets out to about 250yds since that's the furthest my range accomodates.

What's everyone think? I'd like to stay around $1000 for the new scope if possible. I'd love 1000yd capabilities for this rifle.

Thanks in advance!

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For $1000, you'll have plenty of options and will get plenty of advises. Most of my scopes are Leupolds. I have the VXIII 4.5-14x40 with B&C reticle on my SAKO in .300 WM and like it very well. I have been using Leupolds since the 1980s and have given me many successful hunting seasons without failures thus far. For my budget and style of hunting, the Leupolds suits me, I particularly like the forgiving eye reliefs.

Your rifle is definitely capable of 1000 yard shots ... but it does not happen overnight ... you'll have to put plenty of range time. Practice, practice, practice!

Good luck and happy safe hunting.

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Thank you again for your advice. I love the VXIII, and I think I'll go with the 4.5-14 power. Just up in the air on which reticle. How do you like the B&C's ability to approximate hold over for you??

My reloading press and 100 rounds of federal ammo just showed up yesterday, so I'll be starting my practice sessions Friday. I plan to shoot at least weekly.
I went with the Leupold Mark 4 4.5x14x50 and am shooting out to 1200 yds with the target turrents it comes with using Exbal on a palm pilot. Very accrate once everything is set up. Need to shoot 1/2 MOA at 100 yds to start with. Good luck, finding a load is the funnest part.

The farthest I've ever tested the B&C drop was 300 yards with factory 180 gr Corelokt ammo - was 1/2" low at 300 yards. I too just started reloading and stumbled to a sweet load using 71.5 gr H4831SC on 200 gr NAB (still room for refinement) but haven't had a chance to test beyond 100 yards yet.


Check out Nvhunter's post ...

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Brandon. I use a 4.5x14x40 VX-III LR with the BC reticle on my 300 WM. I think it's a great scope. I have shot it to 1025 yards with turret adjustments and 500 yards with the reticle. That caliber lines up real nice with the BC reticle. The newer model is the VX-3 which has a little better lens coating and dual spring erectors on the turret. There are better scopes, no doubt, but this one works real well on a gun that I do a lot of packing with.
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