Scope for 22-250 varmint rifle?

Jim Oliver

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Jan 2, 2007
Hey guys,
I just got a Rem. VSSF in 22-250, probably will be used mostly for paper and PD shooting. My budget tops out at $400.

I have several variable scopes in the 6x-20x range but am thinking about a fixed 25x or maybe 36x for the 22-250.

First, is the fixed high power practical for this use and if so, would the Weaver T36 be a good scope? If not, what??
Would the 40mm objective be OK?

I would advise against the fixed high power scope. On hot days the mirage will render your gun useless but with a variable you can turn it down.
Their is a Nikon 6.5-20 Monarch for sale in the clasifides that would be a great choice , I was planning to buy it but found out that it only has 1/8" clicks and that would work for me on the rig I was planning to use it on out to 1000yds

I appreciate your reply to my question about the high power fixed scope for my .22-250--saved me from a mistake. Thanks lots.

Also, since I don't seem to be able to PM you, I will use this post to apologize about the Nikon deal. I honestly thought you were not interested in it. Please forgive me.

Jim Oliver
you should take a look at mueller scopes the 8.5x25x50 eradicator is a great scope i have three of them. i love the little red dot in the cross hairs. they track great as well. i shoot my 223 out to 600 all the time and it all ways returns back to zero
I've got a Alaskan Guide Premium 6.5-20x40mm from Cabelas. It fits into the price range and I'm having good luck with it on my 204.
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