For Sale Schmidt & Bender PMII5-25x56 / DT / H59 / Mils / Illum.


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Mar 27, 2018
I have a virtually new S & B PM II that i'm looking to sell or Possibly trade.. This scope has less than 100 rds on it,Purchased new but have decided i just prefer the ease of use of my Nightforces..Don't get me wrong this is a great scope with great glass but i have been with the Nightforce brand for over 15 years and just prefer them.. I have added Aadmount caps and throw lever to scope and also have it mounted in a Spuhr mount SP-4006 0-MOA 1.35 height that is also included.. with the extras i have over $4600 in scope will sell package with everything for
$3750 shipped with tracking..This is a complete package ready to slip onto your rail and shoot,Any questions,Please ask thru PM..

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