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Savage MSR-10 6.5CM


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Jan 21, 2002
Wenatchee, WA
Savage MSR-10 Long Range in 6.5CM. 22" barrel, adj gas block, extended length hand guard w/ M-lok slots and Arca rail.

$1100 USD shipped in CONUS

I'll take this rifle, but I have some serious questions. Why is it for sale on gunbroker right now?
Yikes 😲

You're right, I never even thought of it in that way. My apologies.

I will see what my options are to end the auction early before it goes over the reserve.
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round count? how's it shoot?

Maybe 300 rds? My recollection was that it did about 3/4 moa with factory Hornady and Norma ammo.

Got it when I was sponsored by Savage, with the intention of using it for the Gas Gun division in some local PRS events. That class more or less failed to launch around here, so I didn't really have a use for it. Scaled back all my shooting a couple years ago; just now getting around to thinning out the the herd in the safe a little.