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SOLD/EXPIRED Savage bits and pieces


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Jan 15, 2012
Picked up a Savage and some things to go with it and I've got some extras I won't be needing...

Savage factory DBM bottom metal for 4.41" short action with trigger guard for top bolt release. I have a factory four round magazine, I know it will work with 308 family cartridges (this rifle is a 260), not sure about others. Mags are $49 new from Savage. How about $100 shipped for the kit?

Savage RH Accu-Stock inletted for Savage DBM, 4.41", Max-1 dip from a Predator Hunter rifle. Has the aluminum block and it runs the length of the stock. $60 shipped.

Burris XTB 2-piece steel bases for round rear actions. $20.99. Torx wrench and screws included. These bases saw less than 300 rounds. How about $15 shipped?

Unknown 2-piece Weaver bases - I think they came with the rifle. Just pay shipping.

Combine the stock and bottom metal for $150 shipped. $160 shipped for everything here.
Barrel opening in front of the cut out for the barrel nut is about 1.100" and at the end of the stock it's 1.025".

Barrel is 0.72" at the muzzle.

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