Savage 220 20ga


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May 18, 2007
Anyone bed a Savage 220 20ga slug gun? What kind of accuracy results did you achieve if any? Was it worth it?

As much as I love my 220f, I will admit the stock is toy-like, and cheap with many hollow areas, bedding it would be a waste of money, a stock from McMillian is expensive but worth bedding it. I won't fix what's not broken, my 220f is a complete tack driver
Anyone bed a Savage 220 20ga slug gun? What kind of accuracy results did you achieve if any? Was it worth it?
Being new here this is my first post:) I bought the savage 220F model stainless barrel with camo stock.IMHO its shoots lights out up to 150 yards.I use the 3 inch barnes expander(no longer made)or the new 3 inch federal trophy copper 275 grain sabotsgun)I paid $569 plus tax.coobie
Don't know if Savage has fixed it (experience today suggests not) but if you get a stainless model, check whether Savage media blasted the inside of the receiver as well as the bolt shaft. It was hardly possible to manipulate my bolt and I had to re-polish all the surfaces and lube it like crazy so that I could cycle it worth a ****. When I then looked at the blued models, they were all slicker than snot so apparently didn't get blasted with the same media.

Speaking of todays experience. For quite a while the Savage model 12 with the laminate stock and stainless barreled action and fluted barrel has represented the "Pinnacle" of the every mans Savage rifle. I'm not going to get into their overpriced LE stuff.... I bought one brand new a couple of years ago and it was very well executed.

So i advised a friend who was wanting to build a long range rifle that the 12 LPV would be a good base to build on. Today he got it in and I came over to swap out the factory 243 barrel for a match 6.5x47 Lapua barrel (26" 1:8 Varmint from Shilen). The first thing I notice is that the bore is dirty, It does not even have a shine that I can see. The barrel has been media blasted with a really coarse media so that holding the barrel feels like holding something wrapped in 100grit sandpaper. The outer part of the crown already has a ding in it (it had a recessed target crown, so still functional). In removing the barrel, the factory nut has a ton of blasting media that has been driven into the gap between nut and barrel. I got the barrel off OK, but it was a heck of a battle to get the nut off the barrel. It will be sold as an unfired take off, but first we have to figure out if it will clean up... Otherwise it goes back to Savage.

Anyway, bottom line is that Savage is definitely cutting back on the quality, even on "good" models like the model 12. I will be watching this situation to see how it develops. Pretty soon, the only thing I am going to want to touch is custom actions.
Thanks for the info. I saw a 220 somewhere that was put in a laminate stock. Wouldn't be a bad way to go, IMO
That's crazy good...if I found a slug that shot like that, I'd be buying a truck load of them to make sure I never ran out!:)
I hear Remington only makes them for a short period each year and they are hard to come by in between, so when I find them I buy a case or just order them that way.

Actually my H&R 20 ga shoots them almost as good and no other types of slugs are close to that in either gun. So my guns like them, but all guns are different. I sight in 2" high at 100 and they are 7-8" low at 200.
I have been looking for 3 inch Accutips and they are extremely difficult to find. The couple of places that has them in stock is wanting in the $19 dollar range...ouch!!!

Has anyone seen them any cheaper in 2014 or is this what is expected?
I'm still using a case from 2-3 yrs ago. Brother bought a case for $14.95 per box last year. $19 is getting pricey!
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