Savage 12 LRP - 260 Rem

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  1. farpiece

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    Nov 30, 2012
    Sorry if any of my questions are redundant, but I'm probably not getting the most out of the search option yet. Anyway, I just bought the LRP in the 260, and was wondering what the consensus is of that rifle. Any bad experiences with the "target" accutrigger? What are the thoughts on the HS Precision stock? What about load data? I'm planning on getting Lapua brass and start working up loads.
  2. Engineering101

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    Jan 29, 2013

    I have the same rifle and am very happy with it. I set the Accutrigger on the stiffest setting and it is still almost too light but unlike the warning on the rifle, you can slam the bolt all you want and it won’t false trigger. The stock is great. A buddy also has one in 260 Rem. When we got bored with 600 yards we started shooting at golf balls at 800 yards. We hit them every now and then. A nice thing about the rifle that I didn’t expect is that you can shoot it shot after shot and it never gets more than warm. The loads I use are:

    41.4 gr H4350 with 140 gr AMAX, COAL = 2.850”, 2,709 fps
    40.7 gr H4350 with 127 gr Barnes LRX, COAL = 2.800” 2,750 fps
    40.4 gr Varget with 95 gr VMAX, COAL = 2.770”, 3060 fps